Hong kong’s electronic extravaganza

Ap Liu street

Ap Liu translates as “Duck cage” and during the 19th century was a known area for the rearing and selling of ducks to the people for food, progressing through the times this village like most of Hong Kong was subject to land reclamation in its expansion and became a popular commercial 2nd hand market selling vinyl records/ Bric & Brac. In the 60’s China witnessed a technological boom increasing electronic consumer goods and reducing prices drastically, Ap Liu diversifying with the time yet again became the hub of cheap wholesale electronic consumer goods and to this day sells all manner of items throughout this timeline.

Apliu Street is a street in the Sham Shui Po area of New Kowloon, Hong Kong easily accessible by a 10 minute MTR ride from central to Sham Shui Po station or accessible from any station or area along the Red line.

Upon arrival

a 2 square city grid is consumed by vendors setting up make shift junk stores, piling electronic items up to be rummaged through by passers by looking for something special. The street market generally opens at about 10am and continues till the shop keepers fall fast asleep in plain sight of the visiting consumers at around 8pm, figure on something comfy like a cabinet of ancient DSLR’s or Polaroid cameras, The surrounding “Dragon market” continues to stay open till 10 providing the normal mall shopping experience.

Digging for a rough diamond

This area is definitely worth a trip in the evening where the streets are lit up like a beacon (from the LED bulb and strip light vendors) a large variety of street food is also on offer for your effort of walking the labyrinth of streets ranging from curried fish balls to egg waffles, both sure to give a kick.

One of many camera/ lens vendors

Street stores sell items including and not limited too:
Industrial hard wear: (chainsaws, mowers, leaf blowers etc)

Specialised items: ( A/V equipment, telecommunications, translators, printers)

Old and new photographic equipment: ( Lens, tripods, DSLR/ Film cameras and camcorders)

Lighting: (Laser pens, LED strip lights/ bulbs, head torches, hand torches)

Musical equipment: (Lighting, microphones, vinyls, speakers, headphones)

Accessories: (batteries, cables, SD cards, memory banks, luggage/carry cases)

Modern luxury tech: (games consoles, drones)

Clothing: (Sneakers, coats, pants, T shirts)

Good luck taking these military grade lasers through customs

There is a mind blowing variety of new and old items to purchase and all at very cheap prices, I personally picked up a “gorilla pod” tripod for 3GBP and its stood the test of travel so far giving me some great pictures.
I hope this information was helpful, it’s specific on what I personally believe to be one of the better markets in Hong Kong but check it out for yourselves!

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